Blow the man down

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As I was a-rollin’ down Paradise Street
Timme way hay blow the man down
A big Irish copper I chanced for to meet
Oh give me some time to blow the man down

Says he yer a Black Baller by the cut of your hair
Says he yer a Black Baller for the clothes that you’s wear

Says you’ve sailed in some packet that files the Black Bail
Hey you’ve robbed some poor Dutchman of boots clothes an’ all

Oh policeman oh policeman you do me great wrong
I’m a fiying fish sailor just home from Hong Kong

So I stoved in his face an’ I smashed in his jaw
Says he young feller you’re breaking the law

Oh Liverpool ship with a Liverpool crew
A Liverpool mate and a scouse skipper too

Oh we’re Liverpool born an’ we’re Liverpool bred
Big in the arm boys and thick in the head

An’ blow the man Up bullies blow the man down
With a crew of hard cases from Liverpool town

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